One-coat mortar for façade cladding



25Kg - 350232
Green 25Kg - 350076
Salmon 25Kg - 350072
Orange 25Kg - 350069
Brown 25Kg - 350234
Bone 25Kg - 350230
Grey 25Kg - 350066
Cream 25Kg - 350236
White 25Kg - 350228
Blue 25Kg - 350059
ARGOREV RASPADO is a single coat mortar for facade cladding - OC CSIII W2 - based on white cement, selected aggregates and organic additives that give it an extraordinary thixotropy, adherence and a high aesthetic finish,

Descriptive Memory

The single-layer cladding work on the façade will be carried out with ARGOREV® RASPADO dry mortar, from the company DANOSA, class OC CSIII W2 in accordance with the UNE EN 998-1 standard. The substrate must be sound, clean, free of friable parts, completely hardened and have completed its time of dimensional variation. The construction joints shall be respected.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Waterproofed
  • Waterproof to rain water.
  • Permeable to water vapour.
  • Projectable.
  • Without off-hook.
  • Thixotropic.
  • Direct application on masonry.
  • Colour chart.
  • Lightened.


  • Mortar renderings
  • Brick or ceramic block factory.
  • Concrete (treated with a bonding bridge).

Substrate preparation

  • In case of heat, wind or on very absorbent substrates, it is advisable to dampen the substrate and wait for the water film to disappear.
  • Do not apply on plasters or paints.
  • The support must be healthy, clean, flat, free of paint, crumbling or poorly adhered parts, release agents, etc. and in general without any substance or particle that may prevent correct adherence.

Instruction for Use

  • Mix ARGOREV® RASPADO with 4.75 L of clean water per 25 kg bag manually or mechanically until a homogeneous, creamy and lump-free mixture is obtained.
  • For mechanical application it is necessary to establish the optimum ratio between the water flow rate and the amount of mortar passing the auger.
  • Spread the mortar with the trowel or spray it in cords from the bottom upwards, leaving an average thickness of not less than 12 mm and not more than 15 mm after marking the wall’s cut-outs.
  • Regulate the material to regularise the thickness.
  • Once the hardening process has begun, proceed to trowel the material.
  • Comply at all times with the provisions of chapter 7 “Site work, preparation and application of plaster” of the UNE EN 13914-1 standard “Design, preparation and application of exterior plaster and interior plaster”.


  • Store in a dry place, protected from rain, sun, high and low temperatures.
  • It is advisable to mesh the application at singular points.
  • When applied at very high relative dampness, drying may be delayed.
  • In case of splashes in the eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention if necessary. For more detailed information see safety data sheet.
  • Do not apply when there is a risk of rain or frost.
  • Do not add more water once it has started to set.
  • Comply with the mixing water.

Handling, storage and preservation

  • It is packaged in 25 kg multi-leaf paper bags with damp-proof sheets that allow it to be stored for 12 months in its original sealed packaging, safe from dampness.

Safety and hygiene

  • Consult the safety data sheet.


  • The information contained in this document and any other advice provided, are given in good faith, based on DANOSA's current knowledge and experience when products are properly stored, handled and applied, in normal situations and in accordance with the recommendations of DANOSA. The information applies only to the application (s) and the product (s) to which reference is expressly made. In case of changes in the parameters of the application, or in case of a different application, consult the DANOSA Technical Service before using the DANOSA products. The information contained herein does not exonerate the responsibility of the building agents to test the products for the application and intended use, as well as their correct application in accordance with current legal regulations. The product images used in our communications are indicative and may differ slightly in color and aesthetic appearance in relation to the final product.Orders are accepted in accordance with the terms of our current General Sales Conditions.DANOSA reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the data reflected in this documentation.Website: E-mail: Telephone: +34 949 88 82 10


  • Appearance: Polvo
  • Colour:
  • Weight (kg): 25
  • Product code: 350077

Technical Data

Concept Value Standard
Mixing water (%) ~ Value 19 -
Classification according to UNE EN 998-1 OC CSIII W2 -
Thermal conductivity declared (W/mK) 0.67 -
Bulk density (kg/L)v ~ Value 1.50 -
Maximum thickness (mm) 15 -
Minimum thickness (mm) 12 -
Grain size range (mm) ~ value 0/2 -
Mass per unit area (nominal) (kg/m²) 25 -
Reaction to fire A1 -
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