Used as adhesive for Danopol membranes. Contact adhesive liquid and transparent, suited for bonding waterproof PVC membranes on the most common construction materials.
Product variations:
BBA 14/5118 (1) BBA 14/5118 (1)
Used as adhesive for Danopol membranes. Contact adhesive liquid and transparent, suited for bonding waterproof PVC membranes on the most common construction materials.


  • Bonding to the substrate of Danopol PVC sheets used for waterproofing flat roofs in buildings.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Compatible with all synthetic sheets in the DANOPOL® range.
  • Viscous material.
  • Allows practically immediate joints, improving labour yields.
  • Has speedy pre-drying and a high development speed of the cohesive force.
  • Provides highly reliable welding and tapping.
  • It can be applied with a paintbrush, roller or spatula.

Indications and Important Recommendations

  • When bonding on a porous surface, it is advisable to apply a second coat, allowing the first coat to dry for the necessary time (aeration time). After the aeration time has elapsed, bring the two surfaces together. It is very important to bear in mind that the evaporation of solvents depends on the ambient dampness and temperature, as well as on the materials to be bonded.
  • As it contains solvents which are harmful by inhalation, a mask should be worn and prolonged exposure to vapours should be avoided.
  • As it is easily flammable, any source of ignition that could produce sparks, such as metal cutting, machinery, etc., should be avoided during handling.
  • It is recommended to read and follow "Recommendations for the Handling and Storage of Glues, Adhesives and Sealants". Guide for industrial users published by ASEFCA (Spanish Glue and Adhesive Manufacturers Association) in collaboration with BASA (British Adhesives & Sealants Association).

Handling, storage and preservation

  • Store in the sealed original container in a secure manner at room temperature.
  • Shelf life of 12 months.
  • Danosa recommends consulting the safety data sheet for this product, which is permanently available at, or it can be requested in writing from our Technical Department.
  • In all cases, the Occupational Safety and Hygiene standards, as well as the standards of good construction practice, must be taken into account.
  • It is convenient to keep the product in places protected from frost and at temperatures between 5ºC and 25ºC.
  • Keep away from sources of ignition, with a fire extinguisher at hand.
  • Do not leave the container open when you stop using it.
  • For further information, please contact our Technical Department.
  • Observe the usual precautions in the use of chemicals.


  • The information contained in this document and any other advice provided, are given in good faith, based on DANOSA's current knowledge and experience when products are properly stored, handled and applied, in normal situations and in accordance with the recommendations of DANOSA. The information applies only to the application (s) and the product (s) to which reference is expressly made. In case of changes in the parameters of the application, or in case of a different application, consult the DANOSA Technical Service before using the DANOSA products. The information contained herein does not exonerate the responsibility of the building agents to test the products for the application and intended use, as well as their correct application in accordance with current legal regulations. The product images used in our communications are indicative and may differ slightly in color and aesthetic appearance in relation to the final product.Orders are accepted in accordance with the terms of our current General Sales Conditions.DANOSA reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the data reflected in this documentation.Website: E-mail: Telephone: +34 949 88 82 10


  • Appearance: Líquido
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Rendimiento (L/m²): 15
  • Volume (L): 5
  • Logistic class: (C) Products usually in stock, maximum availability in less than 7 days
  • Product code: 710702

Technical Data

Concept Value Standard
Densidad (g/mL) 0.85 -
Density (kg/m³) 0.85 -
Residuo seco (%) 19 -
Tiempo de aireación a 20 ºC (min) 5 -
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