Waterproofing sheet of SBS modified bitumen with mineral self-protection.
Product variations:
BBA 10/4787 (1) BBA 10/4787 (1)
ETE 06/0058 ETE 06/0058
POLYDAN PLUS F.M 180-60/GP FRBR ELAST. is a waterproofing bituminous sheet with self-protected surface of 5.6 kg/m². Composed of a reinforced and stabilized polyester felt reinforcement, covered on both sides with SBS modified bitumen mastic. On the upper side of the sheet, slate in grey (black) colour is used as protective material. The anti-adhesive material used on the lower side is polyethylene film.

Instruction for Use

    1. Fist of all, center the plinth on the deck ceiling opening.
    2. Fix the plinth to the deck with steel lag screws:r- Three units per meter on the plinth’s perimeter heel. Over concrete slab supports, domes will be installed with concrete screws, washers and Ø6mm lag screws. Over steel deck systems with thermal insulation and waterproofing membrane, domes will be installed with steel screws directly to the structure. If the skylight has to be place before the steel deck, an auxiliary frame welded to the main structure will be required.
    3. Install the waterproofing membrane covering the exterior plinth surface.
    4. Remove the dome’s protector film.r Place the inferior dome over the plinth and over the.
    5. Place the inferior dome over the plinth structure and install the self-adhesive washers on the inferior dome top surface, matching them with spaces to be drilled. Screw the top methacrylate dome, finishing the whole skylight. Do not tight screws in excess, because:
  • Domes could be broken.
  • Expansion joint effect will be nullified.
    6. Place finish cads over the screws.
IMPORTANT: Do not install the dome until plinth has been placed in order to avoid any stain related to waterproofing works.


  • Length (cm): 800
  • Width (cm): 100
  • Thickness (mm): 4.0
  • Product code: 141926

Technical Data

Concept Value Standard
External fire behaviour Broof(t1) UNE-EN 1187
Durability flexibility -5 ± 5 -
Creep durability (ºC) 100 ±10 UN-EN 1110
Elongation at break longitudinal (%) 45 ±15 UNE-EN 12311-1
Elongation at transverse break (%) 45 ±15 -
Humidity resistance factor >20.000 UNE-EN 1931
Low temperature flexibility (ºC) <-15 UNE-EN 1109
Mass per unit area (nominal) (kg/m²) 5.6 -
Reaction to fire E UNE-EN 11925-2; UNE-EN 13501-1
Resistance to static loading (kg) >20 UNE-EN 12730
Resistencia a la difusión (GPa.s.m²/kg) 400 ± 50 -
Resistance to root penetration No pasa UNE-EN 13948
Longitudinal tensile strength (N / 5cm) 900 ± 250 -
Transverse tensile strength (N / 5cm) 650 ± 250 -
Longitudinal resistance to tearing (nail shank) (N) 280 ± 30 -
Transversal resistance to tearing (nail shank) (N) 320 ± 20 -
Hazardous substances PND -

Addtitional Technical Data

Concept Value Standard
Adhesion of granules (%) <30 UNE-EN 12039
Dimensional stability at elevated temperatures (longitudinal) (%) <0.3 UNE-EN 1107-1
Dimensional stability at high temperatures (transversal) (%) <0.3 -
Creep resistance at high temperatures (ºC) >100 UN-EN 1110

Environmental Information

Concept Value Standard
Recycled content afterword the consumer (%) 35 -
Manufactured in Fontanar - Guadalajara (España) -
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