Colourless resin to moisture-proof and protect porous façades. Solvent base

Product variations:
Colourless product with solvent based resins for moisture-proofing of several types of absorbent materials. REVESTIDAN Proof S has a high capacity for impregnation protecting the supports exposed to rain without altering the natural look of the materials an the permeability to wáter vapour.


  • As a water repellent for facades of porous materials.
  • As a water repellent for natural stone facades
  • In concrete structures
  • On exposed brick walls
  • On ceramic roofs

Advantages & Benefits

  • Fast acting.
  • Low adhesion of dirt.
  • Good resistance to alkalinity.
  • It does not create a film and is permeable to water vapour, allowing the substrate to "breathe".
  • It penetrates deeply into the support, blocking the capillaries, preventing the absorption of water.
  • Reduces the appearance of efflorescence.


  • Concrete/Screed.
  • Screed.
  • Brick.
  • Ceramic material.
  • Stone.

Instruction for Use

Apply by brush or airless spray gun.
  • The substrate must be cleaned thoroughly to remove dust, moss, lichen and efflorescence. To help in the cleaning tasks it is recommended to use the products DANOCLEAN Star and DANOCLEAN Antifungi depending on the dirt to be cleaned (see technical data sheets). Allow the substrate to dry completely before application.
  • Apply by roller, brush or low pressure sprayer.
  • Cracks and joints must be repaired before proceeding with the application of REVESTIDAN Proof S.
  • The product is supplied ready to use, do not add any solvents or water.
  • Apply several coats (at least two), saturating the substrate without waiting for the previous coat to dry (wet on wet). During application, do not allow the product to drip onto the substrate, to avoid streaks and marks.
  • Consumption per coat: Natural stone (0.15 to 0.5l); Concrete (0.2 to 0.3l); Bricks (0.3 to 0.6l).
  • Drying time: Drying between coats: wet on wet, do not wait for it to dry; complete drying: 12 to 24 hours.


  • Before applying the product, care must be taken to protect glass, windows, frames and other non-absorbent building elements. In case of splashes, clean immediately with synthetic solvent.
  • On some substrates, a slight "wetting" effect may be observed, so a preliminary test is essential to evaluate this effect.
  • Clean with synthetic solvent.
  • Waterproofing work must not be carried out when weather conditions may be detrimental, in particular in situations of snow, ice, rain or strong wind.
  • Do not use on surfaces in permanent contact with water.
  • Do not use on horizontal surfaces, for this application use REVESTIDAN® Proof Repell.
  • Protect from rain during the first 4 hours after application.

Handling, storage and preservation

  • The product must be used in a period not exceeding 12 months.
  • Keep the containers tightly sealed and protected from extreme temperatures (keep between 5ºC and 30ºC), protected from direct sunlight and heat sources. For a period not exceeding 12 months.


  • The information contained in this document and any other advice provided, are given in good faith, based on DANOSA's current knowledge and experience when products are properly stored, handled and applied, in normal situations and in accordance with the recommendations of DANOSA. The information applies only to the application (s) and the product (s) to which reference is expressly made. In case of changes in the parameters of the application, or in case of a different application, consult the DANOSA Technical Service before using the DANOSA products. The information contained herein does not exonerate the responsibility of the building agents to test the products for the application and intended use, as well as their correct application in accordance with current legal regulations. The product images used in our communications are indicative and may differ slightly in color and aesthetic appearance in relation to the final product.Orders are accepted in accordance with the terms of our current General Sales Conditions.DANOSA reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the data reflected in this documentation.Website: E-mail: Telephone: +34 949 88 82 10


  • Colour: Transparent
  • Weight (kg): 20
  • Product code: 760082

Technical Data

Concept Value Standard
Finish Líquido incoloro -
Theoretical consumption (L; m2/hand) 1; 3 a 8 -
Complete drying (hours) 12 a 24 -
Drying time between layers Aplicar húmedo sobre húmedo -

Addtitional Technical Data

Concept Value Standard
Density (kg/m³) 0.78 -