Building solutions for slabs internal enclosures

  • Acoustic Insulation: Rock wool / Cross-linked polyethylene

Acoustic Insulation


Noise protection Refurbishment


Floating roof

  • 6 Rock wool acoustic insulation
  • 7 Double 15 mm plasterboard type FOC
  • 8 15 mm laminated plasterboard
  • 9 Plasterboard structure


  • DnTw airborne insulation between 58 and 62 dB
  • L’nTw impact noise level between 48 and 39 dB
  • Plasterboards with fire treatment meet fire resistance requirements.
  • The suspended ceiling allows the passage of installations without less acoustic insulation.
  • Durability over time.
  • Compressive strength
  • Compatible with installations on the ground being unnecessary to throw a layer of padding.
  • You do not need a vapor barrier layer
  • Application

  • Rehabilitation of residential buildings housing with wooden structure.
  • Rehabilitation of public buildings such as hotels.
  • Commercial bass rehabilitation in wooden buildings
  • Graph

    Technical Requirements

    Acoustic insulation for impact noiseIMPACTODAN® 5Chemically cross-linked and foamed polyethylene sheetΔLW
    19 dB
    4-8 dBA (according to the mortar thickness)
    Cementitious screedARGONIV® 420 ÉliteQuick-drying self-leveling mortar.Yield72 kg/m²
    Acoustic insulation at medium and high frequenciesRock woolRock wool panelΔRA


    Note: This sheet is included in an acoustic box-in-box system

    Unit of Work

    Acoustic insulation on wooden floor, consisting of:
    Lightened mortar on the wooden base board of 4 cm and 2 cm of regularization mortar, cross-linked polyethylene sheet certified by D.I.T 439 R/16, IMPACTODAN® 5; 5 cm thick mortar, including proportional part of lap and perimeter bands, ready to install the finishing.
    Double plasterboard with fire treatment for fire resistance of 60 min, with mineral wool 70 kg/m³ density and 40 mm thick between timbers, and ready to install decorative ceiling.

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