Ceiling acoustic hanger system for premises with sound emission between 80-90 dBA and night time

  • Acoustic Insulation: High density acoustic membrane with cotton / High density bituminous sheet / Rock wool

Acoustic Insulation


Acoustic Insulation


Noise protection

Suspended ceiling


  • Acoustic insulation achieved DnTA > 65 dB.
  • Plastering ensures the tightness of the floor.
  • Mass-spring-mass system with membrane resonator (absorption at low frequencies) and absorbent at medium and high frequencies.
  • The membrane between boards displaces the resonance of the system towards less audible frequencies and improves the low frequency.
  • Its thermal insulation capacity can be improving by increased the thickness of the mineral wool.
  • The cavity may be the minimum allowed by the premises.
  • The rubber acoustic hanger prevents mid-low, medium and high frequency excitations.
  • Light system better for structural strength and speed of execution.
  • Application

  • Premises with sound emission between 85-90 dBA and night time: breweries, restaurants, cocktail bars.
  • Music classrooms in schools.
  • Music schools: individual instrument booths.
  • Clubs in shopping centers.
  • Graph

    Technical Requirements

    Anti-resonant acoustic insulationM.A.D.® 4High-density bituminous membraneΔRA between rigid elements4 dBA
    Acoustic insulation absorbent at low frequenciesACUSTIDAN®Multilayer panel composed of a roll of cotton wadding and high-density membraneΔR125Hz7 dB
    Acoustic insulation absorbent at medium and high frequenciesRock woolRock wool panelRA40 - 61 dBA
    Sealing of the construction elementARGOCOLA® Élite 500Cemento cola para fijación de productos de aislamiento.ΔRA2 dBA


    Note: This sheet is included in an acoustic box-in-box system.

    Unit of Work

    Ceiling acoustic hanger system for premises with sound emission between 80 and 90 dBA and nighttime consisting of:
    Slab plastered with ARGOCOLA ELITE 500; absorption at low frequencies by means of a bilayer membrane resonator, ACUSTIDAN® glued with a thin layer of ARGOCOLA ELITE 500 and mechanically fixed with 40 insulation fixing; Rubber acoustic hanger attached to the joist with a steel anchor plug and Ø 6 rod; plasterboard structure of double profiles with mineral wool deposited on the structure of 70 kg/m³ density and 40 mm thick; placement of 12.5 plasterboard fixed to the structure by means screws; 4 mm thick Danosa M.A.D.® acoustic membrane fixed to the board by means of staples; fixing to the structure of the second plasterboard of 12.5 mm thickness by means screws, fully sealed and installed, ready to apply decorative suspended ceiling to carry installations.

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