Independent wall for musical premises or sound emission >90 dB

  • Acoustic Insulation: High-density bituminous sheet / Cross-linked polyethylene with acoustic membrane and rock wool

Acoustic Insulation


Acoustic Insulation


Noise protection

Independent wall


  • Airborne noise insulation achieved at R’A,tr > 67 dBA, giving sufficient isolation to meet the levels of emission in common areas.
  • The plastering ensures the impermeability of the wall and its acoustic tightness.
  • Combined absorption into cavity at low, medium and high frequencies.
  • Insulation to low frequency impulse noise.
  • The resonance frequencies of the system are shifted to less audible frequencies.
  • The acoustic membrane improves the insulation at low frequencies of the plasterboard system.
  • Its acoustic insulation capacity can be improved by increasing the thickness of the chamber.
  • Light system providing better results, with low thickness and faster execution.
  • Application

  • Machine rooms in residential buildings: hotels, hospitals, teachers and offices
  • Music venues: pubs, karaokes, discos, party rooms, wedding halls...
  • Music recording studios
  • Graph

    Technical Requirements

    Acoustic insulation at impulse noise of low, medium and high frequenciesSONODAN®
    Panel composed of a first layer of cross-linked polyethylene foam and high-density membrane and a second layer of high-density membrane and rock woolRABetween 52-65 dBA
    Anti-resonant acoustic insulationM.A.D.® 4 /
    M.A.D.® 6
    High-density membraneΔRA between rigid elements4 dBA /
    6 dBA


    Note: This sheet is included in an acoustic box-in-box system.
    * M.A.D.® 6 for emission levels above 105 dB.

    Unit of Work

    Multilayer insulation for low, medium and high frequencies of 40 mm thickness, SONODAN® PLUS SELF-ADHESIVE mechanically fixed to the plastered wall with insulation fixings of 40; 50 mm plasterboard structure, 12.5 plasterboard placement fixed to the structure by means screw and sealed; 4 mm thick Danosa Acoustic Membrane, M.A.D.® 4 stapled to the first board; fixing to the structure of the second laminated plasterboard of 12.5 mm thickness by means screws, fully sealed and installed, ready to apply the finishing.

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