Separating wall with double hollow ceramic brick

  • Acoustic Insulation: High-density acoustic membrane covered by cotton wadding

Acoustic Insulation


Noise protection

Partition wall


  • Airborne noise insulation towards DnTw > 50 dB
  • The acoustic membrane of the multilayer compensates the losses of mass by electric installation recessed
  • System with membrane resonator that improves acoustic performance at low frequencies
  • Due to its high tear resistance, it can be fix mechanically, avoiding the dangers of sticking
  • Due to the high acoustic performance of the product, light or plaster walls can be used.
  • The resistance of the partitions is set out in DIT No. 439
  • The interior partitions can go on the floating mortar (ratio 1: 5)
  • Traditional system with robustness image
  • Application

  • Public or private residential buildings
  • Public buildings like hotels
  • Sanitary buildings: hospitals, outpatients, health centers, residences
  • Teaching buildings: schools, universities, nurseries
  • Graph

    Technical Requirements

    Acoustic insulation absorbing at low, medium and high frequenciesDANOFON®Roll formed by a high-density membrane with cotton wadding on each side.RA54-63 dBA


    Note: This sheet is included in an acoustic box-in-box system.

    Unit of Work

    Acoustic insulation of brick separating wall consisting of:
    7 cm double hollow brick double wall plastered with 1.5 cm thick, independent of the structure with strips Desolidarizador de muros throughout its perimeter; 28 mm multilayer panel thick, DANOFON®, mechanically fixed to the support by means of Acoustic Insulation Fixings of 40 inside, fully installed.

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