Floating floor with overload usage

  • Acoustic Insulation: Rock wool / Cross-linked polyethylene / Shock absorber
  • Finishing: As required

Acoustic Insulation


Noise protection


  • Airborne noise insulation towards the lower floor DnTw > 65 dB
  • Impact noise level towards the upper floor L’nTw
  • Application

  • Machine rooms
  • Music venues: pubs, cocktail bars, karaoke, discos, wedding halls
  • Dance schools
  • Fitness center
  • Printing shops
  • Graph

    Technical Requirements

    Acoustic insulation for impact and airborne noiseRock woolRock wool panel of density ≥100 kg/m³.ΔLW
    30 dB
    6-9 dBA (según espesor del mortero)
    Acoustic insulation for impact noiseIMPACTODAN® 10Chemically cross-linked and foamed polyethylene sheet.ΔLW19 dB
    Cementitious screedARGONIV® 420 ÉliteQuick-drying self-leveling mortar.Yield108 kg/m²
    Cementitious adhesiveARGOCOLA® ÉLITE 500Deformable cementitious adhesive C2TE S1.Yield6 kg/m²
    GroutingARJUNT® UNIVERSALCeramic grouting mortar CG2 AW.Yield0,64 kg/m²


    Note: This sheet is included in an acoustic box-in-box system

    Unit of Work

    Acoustic insulation at low frequencies on floor formed by:
    Distribution of rubber acoustic shock absorber according to overload of use between rock wool panel of density 100 kg/m³ and thickness 30 mm ROCDAN® 233/30 and protected by chemically cross-linked and foamed polyethylene sheet, 10 mm thick, IMPACTODAN® 10 fixed together with self-adhesive cross-linked polyethylene tape of 3 mm thick , Overlap tape 70 (Cinta de solape), mesh reinforced mortar with at least 6 cm thick, separated from the structure and installations by using peripheral band tape 200 (desolidarizador perimetral), ready to install the finishing.

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