Our environmental policy

DANOSA has a firm commitment to quality, based on the following principles:

  • Quality is a fundamental pillar of competitiveness, which is essential to achieving good business results. These results are the raison d’être of our Companies and the future of all of us.
  • The quality supposes, first of all, to fulfil the requirements, to satisfy our Clients; Your satisfaction is the best measure of our quality.
  • Quality is everyone’s business. All of us, in our position, has a lot to do and to say to meet the quality objectives.
  • Quality is the result of our management. Therefore, the continuous improvement of our Management System is the best way to quality. And for this, our management model is structured and led by Processes and aimed at taking advantage of the opportunities and preventing the risks of a complex and changing context.

This Policy and the corresponding management system are applied within the DANOSA Group for all industrial and commercial activity in its locations, generally consisting of the manufacture and distribution of waterproofing and insulation products and materials aimed at the construction sector.

This Policy is available to the relevant Interested Parties.

DANOSA-Quality Policy