Thermal Insulation

Want to reach Passive House (Passivhaus) Standards and make your house future-proof? With factories in Spain and Portugal, DANOSA offers the construction industry a broad range of solutions for roofs, façades and floors.

Insulated flat roof tiles

Insulated flat roof tiles are roofing tiles that are designed to provide thermal insulation and weather protection for flat roof structures. These tiles are made from concrete, and have an insulating layer incorporated into their design. The insulation layer is made from extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam, which helps to prevent heat loss and regulate the temperature of the roof surface. This can help to improve energy efficiency, reduce heating costs, and provide a more comfortable living environment. Overall, insulated flat roof tiles offer a practical and energy-efficient solution for flat roof structures, providing both thermal insulation and weather protection while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the building.


Concrete outdoor tiles designed with an insulating XPS layer to regulate the temperature of the surface.