A highly versatile and flexible fast curing hybrid polymer liquid roofing system.

Product variations:
BBA 20/5743 BBA 20/5743
A unique flexible hybrid polymer liquid waterproofing membrane which can be applied to virtually all common roof surfaces. Applied in 2 coats; minimum 2.0-2.5 litres per m2. Requires 2-4% DANOFORCE CATALYST. Colour: Anthracite (Approximate RAL 7015)

Instruction for Use

DANOFORCE Flex HP requires 2 to 4% danoforce catalyst. The catalyst is supplied with a scoop. 2 to 4% equates to 2 to 4 scoops per litre.
The DANOFORCE Flex HP should be mixed using a paddle mixer.
  • on opening: mix at a low speed upon for 20 seconds.
  • on addition of catalyst: mix at a low speed for 30to45 seconds.
Mixing at a high speed will cause a pitting effect affecting the finished aesthetic of the
Waterproofing system.In low temperatures (5°c and under) you may require DANOFORCE Flex HP accelerator.
  • after mixing the freshly opened DANOFORCE Flex HP, add the full pack contents of the DANOFORCE Flex HP accelerator into the tin and mix for 30to45 seconds.
  • the mixed content can be decanted and catalysed as required.

1. Ensure surfaces to be bonded dry and clean from grease, dirt, debris or any other contaminants. On metal surfaces, all loose rust should be removed using a wire brush and where advances signs of corrosion are evident, the area should be treated with a rust inhibitor.

2. Prime substrate with danoforce primer if an acceptable bond test has been achieved. If not, prime with catalysed danoforce primer+ lt. Allow to cure.

3. Apply local reinforcements to any details as required using glassflex reinforcement, ensuring 50mm overlaps and catalysed danoforce flex hp to the whole area (1.30 to 2.00 litres per m2.

4. Apply 1st coat of catalysed danoforce flex hp to the whole area (1.30 to 2.00 litres per m2) and fully reinforce with glassflex reinforcement, ensuring 50mm overlaps. Allow to cure.

5. Apply 2nd coat of catalysed danoforce flex hp to the whole area (minimum 0.50 litres per m2). Allow to cure.

Nb. Danosa UK recommends that where applicable, a small bond-test area is conducted on uncommon


  • Volume (L): 15
  • Colour: Anthracite
  • Weight (kg): 15
  • Product code: 322072

Technical Data

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