APP plastomeric 3 mm AVCL. Sanded. Torch Applied.

Product variations:
IMPERDAN FP 3 MM AP is a waterproofing bituminous sheet with sanded finishing, 3 mm thickness. Composed of a non-woven polyester felt reinforcement and covered on both sides with polymer modified bitumen (pliability -5ºC) mastic. Membrane with an upper surface finish of sand and a lower surface finish of polyethylene film. Tested according to standard EN test methods.

Instruction for Use

    CAVITY WALLrr- When installing the DANOPREN PR XPS insulation boards in cavity walls, the cavity should be checked to ensure that it is free of mortar projections and debris that may interfere with placement of insulation boardsrr- The substrate wall should provide a smooth and uniform surface to give proper support to DANOPREN PR boards.rr- DANOPREN PR boards have a high water vapor diffusion resistance factor (MU), so typically it is not necessary to install a vapor barrier. When installed correctly, the boards themselves will function as a suitable barrier in most typical applications and climates, so that interstitial condensation is avoided. In exceptional applications, such as cold stores (where temperatures are down to -40 degrees Celsius), a vapor barrier must be installed. The correct position of the vapour barrier should be on the “warm” side of the insulation, i.e., looking out of the cold store itself).rr- If fixing or gluing DANOPREN PR boards, please ensure that the manufacturer’s instructions are followed. The boards rigidity and strength assure they will not move or creep after being installed. This prevents causing the appearance of both thermal bridges and air leakage by convection between the “warm” and “cold” cavity sides.rr- The DANOPREN PR boards have a Tongue & Groove edge treatment. The joints formed must be firmly pressed to be tight. This edge treatment ensures that joints between boards will stop entirely any air leakage by convection between the “warm” and “cold” sides of the cavity. This makes the installation simple, avoiding the usual installation of two layers of boards to achieve an effective “closure”, since it is already obtained with the Tongue & Groove joint.rr- In case the cavity wall is higher than the boards length, the missing area must be properly completed with board pieces to provide thermal continuity, preventing the formation of thermal bridges and air leakage by convection. DANOPREN PR boards fit most of the typical cavity heights (up to 2.60 m in length), with this length vertically oriented within the cavity.rr- For the case that the air cavity is fully ventilated as part of an external insulation system (ventilated façade), the regulations on fire safety must be considered, and, depending on their requirements, include necessary protections or fire barriers, so that regulatory requirements are properly met in the final end-use application of the product.rr- On the other hand, in the case of a ventilated façade, the DANOPREN PR boards should be fixed with a minimum of four mechanical fixings near the corners and one in the centre of the board.rr
  • At ventilated façades, the cladding must be fixed to the substrate wall or to an auxiliary self-supporting structure. DANOPREN PR boards must not carry the cladding weight.rr- At ventilated façades the thermal bridge caused by the cladding fastenings should be considered for thermal calculations.


  • Length (cm): 1000
  • Width (cm): 100
  • Thickness (mm): 3
  • Product code: 141823

Technical Data

Concept Value Standard
External fire behaviour PND UNE-EN 1187; UNE-EN 13501-5
Durability flexibility +5 ± 5 -
Creep durability (ºC) 120 ±10 UN-EN 1110
Longitudinal traction durability (N / 5cm) 700 ± 200 -
Transversal tensile durability (N/5cm) 450 ± 150 -
Elongation at break longitudinal (%) 20 ±15 UNE-EN 12311-1
Elongation at transverse break (%) 20 ±15 UNE-EN 12311-1
Reaction to fire E UNE-EN 11925-2; UNE-EN 13501-1
Resistance to static loading (kg) >15 UNE-EN 12730
Resistance to root penetration No pasa EN 13948
Longitudinal tensile strength (N / 5cm) 700 ± 200 -
Transverse tensile strength (N / 5cm) 450 ± 150 -
Longitudinal resistance to tearing (nail shank) (N) NPD -
Transversal resistance to tearing (nail shank) (N) NPD -
Hazardous substances NPD -

Addtitional Technical Data

Concept Value Standard
Adhesion of granules (%) NPD UNE-EN 12039
Dimensional stability at elevated temperatures (longitudinal) (%) <0.6 UNE-EN 1107-1
Dimensional stability at high temperatures (transversal) (%) <0.6 -
Creep resistance at high temperatures (ºC) >130 UN-EN 1110

Environmental Information

Concept Value Standard
Post-consumer recycled content (%) 35 -
Manufactured in Fontanar - Guadalajara (España) -