DANOSA UK becomes a Co2nstruct Zero Business Champion

DANOSA UK is delighted to announce its recent acceptance onto the Co2nstruct Zero Business Champion programme. This prestigious recognition underscores our commitment to sustainability and aligns perfectly with our mission to drive positive environmental change within the construction industry. Co2nstruct Zero has been set up by the Construction Leadership Council and, like DANOSA, believes that every industry has a part to play in combatting climate change and reducing carbon emissions to reach Net Zero by 2050.

As a leading manufacturer in the European construction sector, DANOSA is dedicated to minimising its carbon footprint and embracing sustainable practices. Joining Co2nstruct Zero allows us to collaborate with like-minded organisations, share best practices, and contribute to the collective effort to achieve net zero carbon emissions in the built environment.

Why is it important for DANOSA to move forward with Net Zero?

Net Zero is an initiative to tackle climate change; the negative consequences of which affect us all: People, Companies, Organisations, so DANOSA believes we all have a responsibility to collaborate. Companies are being called upon to be agents and drivers of this economic and social change, to create a new resilient and sustainable context for development. This change is essential to be able to consolidate prosperous businesses in stable environments in the future. In short, we believe that Sustainability is a new and very important source of value creation for people and society.

What are the 9 priorities of Co2nstruct Zero?

Achieving Business Champion status means that DANOSA is a company whose work in the net zero space aligns with one or more of the CO2nstructZero priorities. DANOSA is proud to align with 7/9 of these priorities, which have been highlighted in bold below:

Priority 1: TransportAccelerating the shift of the construction workforce to zero emission vehicles and onsite plant.
Priority 2: TransportOptimise the use of Modern Methods of Construction and improved onsite logistics, in doing so reducing waste and transport to sites.
Priority 3: TransportChampioning developments and infrastructure investments that both enable connectivity with low carbon modes of transport and design to incorporate readiness for zero emission vehicles.
Priority 4: BuildingsWork with Government to deliver retrofitting to improve energy efficiency of the existing housing stock.
Priority 5: BuildingsScale up industry capability to deliver low carbon heat solutions in buildings, supporting heat pump deployment, trials of hydrogen heating systems and heat networks.
Priority 6: BuildingsEnhancing the energy performance of new and existing buildings through higher operational energy efficiency standards and better building energy performance.
Priority 7: Construction ActivityImplementing carbon measurement, to support our construction projects in making quantifiable decisions to remove carbon.
Priority 8: Construction ActivityBecome world leaders in designing out carbon, developing the capability of our designers and construction professionals to design in line with circular economy shifting commercial models to reward measurable carbon reductions.
Priority 9: Construction ActivitySupport development of innovative low carbon materials as well as advancing low carbon solutions for manufacturing production processes and distribution.

The Co2nstruct Zero Board gave DANOSA this feedback:
DANOSA’s Co2nstruct Zero report was excellently written with very ambitious goals. Your sustainability report has shown good maturity in working towards Co2nstruct Zero targets and priorities. You have particularly focussed on circular economy mantra with green / low carbon power generation as 2 critical aims. DANOSA UK show good consistency in their efficiency and clear improvements, with some of their goals such as reducing hazardous waste, increase recycling, and a significant drive towards low carbon energy sources.

We look forward to leveraging this partnership to amplify our impact, accelerate our journey towards carbon neutrality, and inspire others in the construction industry to join us on this crucial mission. Together, let’s build a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

For more information about our Sustainability Practices, contact uktechnical@danosa.com.