Bi-component, polyaspartic, elastic, outdoors and UV resistant, elastic resin with solids content >95%, specially formulated as a sealer and topcoat for DANOCOAT® and DANOPUR® systems.

Product variations:
DANOCOAT® PAS 700 is a polyaspartic, bi-component, elastic, very high solids content >90% by weight, weather resistant and UV stable polyaspartic resin. Hand applied cold, non-yellowing and recommended as a weather protection coating for DANOCOAT® polyurea systems, DANOPUR® polyurethane membranes to ensure a durable aesthetic effect.

Instruction for Use

  • Before applying the product, check that the application surface is dry, clean and free of solid debris and irregularities.
  • Protect yourself adequately for handling the components with appropriate gloves and mask. See safety data sheet.
  • Mix the two components in the plastic container to a uniform mass.
  • Apply to cracks and joints first. We recommend using 4×4 mm fibreglass reinforcement (PX160 mesh).
  • Use a trowel/roller to apply the first coat and place in fresh PX160 Mesh reinforcement also in the corners.
  • Apply the remaining coats crosswise to the previous coat for best result (see Drying Time).

Cleaning of Work Tools

  •  If the product is fresh: with water
  • If the product is dry: mechanical action, scraping.


  • Colour: Blue
  • Product code: 750744

Technical Data

Concept Value Standard