Bi-component, solvent-free epoxy primer, suitable for porous substrates, compatible with DANOCOAT® and DANOPUR® systems.

Product variations:
ETE 17/ 0401 ETE 17/ 0401
Bi-component, solvent-free epoxy primer with high adhesion, fast curing at low temperatures, for manual application.

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  • Primer for DANOFLOOR®, DANOCOAT® and DANOPUR® systems.
  • Primer for DANOCOAT® waterproofing systems.
  • Binder for levelling mortars.
  • Union bridge.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Low viscosity
  • Vapour and dampness barrier.
  • Offers good mechanical strength and improves the mechanical characteristics of the substrate.
  • Components supplied in metal canister with spring ring.
  • Fast setting at low temperatures, up to 5°C.
  • Strong adhesion, even on wet surfaces.
  • Great penetration and sealing power of the substrate.
  • Solvent free.


  • Steel.
  • Asbestos cement
  • Concrete/Screed.
  • Epoxy mortars.
  • Cement-based substrates.

Substrate preparation

  • Any previous coating will need to be removed.
  • The support must be clean and free of foreign objects.
  • The substrate must be clean, dry, dust-free, free of oil, grease, surface laitance or other elements that impede adhesion such as old waterproofing membranes or other coatings.
  • The substrate shall be cohesive, without loose particles, with a regular surface texture.
  • In the case of concrete or mortar substrates, if there are cracks or fissures on the surface, these must first be repaired with DANOPRIMER® EP and DANOQUARTZ® SP 49.
  • Concrete roofs must be set for at least 28 days.
  • The joints between tiles can be filled with ELASTYDAN® PU 40.
  • Contaminated concrete surfaces shall be mechanically treated, either by sanding, diamond grinding, shot blasting or sandblasting, followed by vacuuming.
  • Do not apply on damp substrates or substrates subject to dampness under coating, dampness due to indirect, negative or hydrostatic pressures.
  • The support must be healthy, clean, flat, free of paint, crumbling or poorly adhered parts, release agents, etc. and in general without any substance or particle that may prevent correct adherence.

Instruction for Use

    Checking environmental conditions
    Before starting the application, check that the environmental and substrate conditions are suitable:
  • Temperature between +5ºC and +35ºC, and Relative humidity


  • Outdoors, to avoid surface defects (bubbles) due to rising water vapour from the concrete or mortar, it should be applied when the temperature is constant or decreasing.
  • Treatment of fissures is very important. Poor crack preparation can reduce the service life of the coating.
  • Do not dilute or add any components that may alter the characteristics of the product.
  • Protect from water dampness for the first 24 hours (20°C).

Handling, storage and preservation

  • Keep the containers hermetically sealed and not exposed to extreme temperatures (store between 10°C and 30°C) for a period not exceeding 24 months. The last four digits of the batch number indicated on the label correspond to the product’s date of manufacture (month/year).

Cleaning of Work Tools

  • If the product is fresh, with water
  • If the product is dry, scraping

Safety and hygiene

  • Consult the safety data sheet.


  • The information contained in this document and any other advice provided, are given in good faith, based on DANOSA's current knowledge and experience when products are properly stored, handled and applied, in normal situations and in accordance with the recommendations of DANOSA. The information applies only to the application (s) and the product (s) to which reference is expressly made. In case of changes in the parameters of the application, or in case of a different application, consult the DANOSA Technical Service before using the DANOSA products. The information contained herein does not exonerate the responsibility of the building agents to test the products for the application and intended use, as well as their correct application in accordance with current legal regulations. The product images used in our communications are indicative and may differ slightly in color and aesthetic appearance in relation to the final product.Orders are accepted in accordance with the terms of our current General Sales Conditions.DANOSA reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the data reflected in this documentation.Website: www.danosa.com E-mail: info@danosa.com Telephone: +34 949 88 82 10


  • Weight (kg): 6.3
  • Product code: 750508

Technical Data

Concept Value Standard
Density (kg/m³) 1.1 -
Finish Transparente -
Dureza Shore a 23ºC a las 24h 52 ISO 868
Dureza Shore a 23ºC a las 48h 72 ISO 868
A/B ratio (by weight) 100 -
A/B Ratio (Volume) 100 -
Adhesion resistance (N/mm²) >3,8 UNE EN 13892-8:2003

Addtitional Technical Data

Concept Value Standard
Density to 23ºC (kg/dm³) 1,10±0,02 -
Pot life a 15ºC (min / mPas) 60 / ±2000 -
Pot life a 23ºC (min / mPas) 40 / 700 -
Pot life a 23ºC y 50% H.R. (min) 5 -
Pot life a 5ºC (min / mPas) 120 / >400 -
Viscosity at 23ºC (mPA.s) 550±100 -
Shore A hardness at 23ºC at 7 days 81 ISO 868

Application Data

Concept Value
RH (%) <80
Support / ambient temperature (ºC) +5ºC/+35ºC (3ºC por encima del punto de rocío)