Manual opening skylight for air circulation

Product variations:
Practicable skylight made made of double 3mm thickness methacrylate dome, fixed to a 15cm reinforced polyester basis, intended for overhead lighting and access to the roof. Suitable for any roof in all kind of buildings.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Danosa skylights provide perfect diffusion of sunlight, significantly reducing electrical energy consumption and guaranteeing watertight protection and the absence of condensation.
  • Opening mechanism: System with PVC frame and telescopic spindle with double stroke, manually operated from the inside by means of a crank handle. The opening angle can be adjusted.

Instruction for Use

1- Centre the base-plinth on the open hole in the roof.
2- Using lag bolts or steel nails, fix the base-plinth to the roof:
  • Three units per metre on the heel periphery of the plinth.
  • On concrete roofs, this will be done with dowels, washers and Ø 6 mm lag bolts.
  • On sheet metal roofs with insulation and waterproofing, this will be done by direct screw fixing on the structure. If the roof is installed before the sheet metal, it shall be installed on an auxiliary frame fixed or welded to the structure. If the skylights are installed after the sheet metal is laid, they shall be fixed through the sheet metal onto the structure.
3- Apply the waterproofing layer, covering the outer wall of the skirting board, which prevents filtrations to the interior through the permeable polyester base. The waterproofing must be finished off correctly to avoid leakage from the skylight drip between the waterproofing membrane and the skirting board.
4- Remove the protective film from the valve and dome.
5- Place the valve on the baseboard, and place the self-adhesive washers on the upper face of the valve, making them coincide with the holes and on top of it the dome, making sure that the red marks coincide. Screw the dome onto the base of the plinth at the points drilled for this purpose. The use of a clutch drill with a low torque setting is recommended. The maximum torque for the screw used is 14Nm. Do not over-tighten the bolts, as:
  • There is a risk of dome breakage.
  • The effect of the expansion joint is cancelled.
6- Place the cover caps on the screws.
  • For further information, please contact our Technical Department.

IMPORTANT: Do not handle the dome until assembly of the base has been completed. This avoids possible permanent stains caused by the tarpaulin or any other damage.

Indications and Important Recommendations

  • This product is part of a construction system, so the Danosa Catalogue of Construction Solutions, Specifications and other Danosa documentation must be taken into account.
  • Work must not be carried out when weather conditions may be harmful, in particular when it is snowing or there is snow or ice on the roof, when it is raining or the roof is wet, or when there is a strong wind blowing.
  • All mandatory regulations in this regard will be taken into account.

Handling, storage and preservation

  • On receipt of the material, check the units and measurements, ensuring that they coincide with the requirements on site.
  • When signing the carrier's documentation, include the note: "Accepted except examination" or similar, if the material cannot be examined at the time of receipt. If any breakage or anomaly is observed, indicate it directly on the carrier delivery note.
  • Store away from machinery that could come into contact with it.
  • Report any anomaly in the material within 24 hours of receipt. If not, DANOSA is not responsible for claims of breakage in transport.
  • Maintenance: The domes will be cleaned using soapy water, excluding any corrosive product.
  • Do not rest any object on the domes: Deformations can occur in the methacrylate.
  • Do not place the skylights directly on the roof. In the case of deck roofs, it can cause damage to the sheet and to the domes themselves, if deposited directly on the sheet, due to the temperatures reached by the roof and the lack of ventilation.
  • Check that the packaging and equipment are in good condition.
  • Once on site, keep the skylights in their packaging until they are installed on the roof.


  • The information contained in this document and any other advice provided, are given in good faith, based on DANOSA's current knowledge and experience when products are properly stored, handled and applied, in normal situations and in accordance with the recommendations of DANOSA. The information applies only to the application (s) and the product (s) to which reference is expressly made. In case of changes in the parameters of the application, or in case of a different application, consult the DANOSA Technical Service before using the DANOSA products. The information contained herein does not exonerate the responsibility of the building agents to test the products for the application and intended use, as well as their correct application in accordance with current legal regulations. The product images used in our communications are indicative and may differ slightly in color and aesthetic appearance in relation to the final product.Orders are accepted in accordance with the terms of our current General Sales Conditions.DANOSA reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the data reflected in this documentation.Website: www.danosa.com E-mail: info@danosa.com Telephone: +34 949 88 82 10


  • Dome Height Hc (mm): 105
  • Length (cm): 60
  • Width (cm): 60
  • Outside dimension E x F (mm): 520x520
  • Light entry C x D (mm): 390x390
  • Ceiling opening (mm): 600x600
  • Weight (kg): 11.2
  • Eave G (mm): 65
  • Product code: 555201

Technical Data

Concept Value Standard
Hazardous substances NPD -

Technical Data - Dome

Concept Value Standard
Water absorption (24h 23º) (%) 0.2 DIN EN ISO 62
Light absorption (%) 0.05 -
Elongation at break (%) 4 -
Specific heat 1.47 -
Linear dilation (mm/mºC) 0.07 -
Refractive index (nD20) 1.492 -
Elasticity module (N/mm²) DOME 2300 ISO 178
Loss by reflection (%) 5 -
Density (g/cm3) DOME 1.19 ISO 1183
Vicat softening point (ºC) 105 ISO 306
Bending resistance (N/mm²) 110 ISO 178
Tensile strength (N/mm²) DOME 70 ISO 527
Impact resistance Charpy (kJ/m²) DOME 2 -
Heat transfer: Both domes (kcal/m²hºC ) 2.2 -
Heat transfer: One dome (kcal/m²hºC ) 5.1 -
Light transmission - Ice (%) 75 -
Light transmission - Transparent (%) 92 -

Technical Data - Plinth

Concept Value Standard
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) PLINTH 0.23 -
Linear Expansion (m/mK) PLINTH 0.2 -
Specific Weight (g/cm³) PLINTH 1.5 DIN 53479
Softening point Vicat (ºC) PLINTH 125 DIN 57302
Compression resistance (kg/cm²) PLINTH 2000 DIN 53454
Bending resistance (kg/cm²) PLINTH 1600 DIN 53452
Tensile strength (kg/cm²) PLINTH 1000 DIN 53455
Impact resistance (kg/cm²) PLINTH 1000 DIN 53453

Standards and Certification

  • In accordance with the UNE-EN 1873 standard for prefabricated accessories for roofs. Individual skylights in plastic materials. Product specifications and test methods.
  • Complies with CE marking requirements.